Recommended Read | Lartigue: Life in Color


I’ve been making use of lazy summer days to catch up on the stacks of travel magazines that have been piling up in our little apartment. Among all the new wanderlust and inspiration happily swimming in my head, I was smitten with the photography in a feature on Lartigue: Life in Color.

Recommended Read | Lartigue: Life in Color | Thought & SightJacques Henri Lartigue is best known for his early black and white work, and the book delves into why that is. It’s both mind-boggling and fascinating, but when color photography was first developed, it was viewed as a crass commercial tool, vastly inferior to the purely artistic black and white medium. Martin Ravache describes the “astonishingly moral vocabulary” applied to color photography, with detractors throwing around words like “corrupted!”

Recommended Read | Lartigue: Life in Color | Thought & Sight

However, because Lartigue considered himself first and foremost a painter– but only an amateur photographer– he had little investment (or interest) in the purist attitudes of his contemporaries. No doubt his proto-hippie attitude toward life: living frugally, surrounded by nature, and focusing on seeking out joy, helped as well.

Recommended Read | Lartigue: Life in Color | Thought & Sight

Lartigue’s color photographs from the 50s through the 70s showcase country life in France and Italy, with a dose of jetset, and frequently feature his wife and muse, Florette. I love this one, below:

Recommended Read | Lartigue: Life in Color | Thought & SightThe book has a nice selection of Lartigue’s color photos, and just enough commentary to provide a context to understand the photographs. I’m dying to know more, and have my eye on this fascinating profile of Lartigue, as well as this gem devoted to the Riviera.

Recommended Read | Lartigue: Life in Color | Thought & Sight

Well Traveled Walls


Because I’ve spent more time lately sitting in front of a computer than exploring, I turned to Etsy in search of something to liven up my walls and keep me inspired. Here’s three collections of artwork to remind you of what lies ahead!

Above picks:

San Francisco Map by Bnito Shop | Paris Metro Photograph by Eye Poetry Photography

Southwestern Wall Hanging by Hello Hydrangea | Road to Anywhere Photograph by Studio Claire

The Darjeeling Limited Poster by Cinema Studio

Well Traveled Walls | Thought & Sight

Shea Shell Motel Photograph by gbrosseau | Leaning Tower of Pisa Photograph by Feather and Indigo

Artist’s Journal Istanbul Landscape by Missy Dunaway

Pink Paris Door Photograph by gypsyfables | Wanderlust Poster by EverMore Prints

Well Traveled Walls | Thought & Sight

 Mountain Embroidery Hoop by oymyheartembroidery | Island SUP Collage Print by Meremart

Lost World Photograph by Retrospecs Prints

Wild Flower Photograph by Wander With Me Prints | Yellowstone Poster by WallArty

Our trip to Japan: The Stragglers


Spring cleaning my computer, and found some Japan photos that I like, but never found their way into the other posts. It hardly seems like it’s been so long since we left, but at the same time, looking through these photos has me itching to return.

Tako Bar sign in Japan | Thought & SightSign found somewhere near Meguro, I think.

Yellow train in Japan | Thought & Sight

Calorie counting on subway steps in Japan | Thought & SightEncouraging decals estimating the calories burned hoofing it up the subway steps.

Restaurant in Japan | Thought & SightJust a pretty storefront near our Tokyo airbnb.

Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, Japan | Thought & SightFushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.

Godzilla at Toho Studios in Japan | Thought & SightGodzilla!

Bridge in Meuguro Tokyo | Thought & Sight

Bicycle in Tokyo, Japan | Thought & Sight

Colorful alley in Japan | Thought & Sight

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan | Thought & SightMoat of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo– not open for tours, since it still functions as a residence.

Imperial Palace in Kyoto,  Japan | Thought & SightThe Palace in Kyoto; it’s beautiful and worth the admission.

Imperial Palace in Kyoto,  Japan | Thought & Sight

Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan | Thought & SightKinkaku-ji, the “golden pavilion” in Kyoto.

Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan | Thought & Sight

Deer park in Nara, Japan | Thought & SightThe famous deer park in Nara.

Shrine near dear park in Nara, Japan | Thought & SightShrine near the dear park.

Flower arrangement in a bathroom in Japan | Thought & SightA pretty arrangement in an otherwise dingy bathroom (I think this was in Nara park)

Sankei-en Garden in Yokohama, Japan | Thought & SightSankei-en garden in Yokohama.

Wacky vintage Japanese ads from the 1970s and 80s

Sent off on a tangent by this little roundup of pre-war Japanese beer ads, I spent Sunday browsing the glory that is 70s/ 80s Japanese advertising– equal parts 80s nostalgia and “wtf Japan.” Here’s some of my favorites: 
(If you’re wondering why there’s so few actual Japanese people, it doesn’t seem to be so much a question of recycling ads, as it is selling a “cool” Western image)
p.s. if you’re looking for more, this looks like a fascinating read
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Colorado Springs Neon


The Springs (and really, it seems, much of Colorado) has a wealth of great vintage neon signs. Here are some of my favorites from an evening spent cruising the city: