Weekend Wanderlust (vol 53)

– Weird, beautiful, and perfect for the Halloween season: Yokainoshima: Island of Monsters, a new photo book cataloguing Japanese folk costumes

Lava, moon, milky way and meteor, all in one photograph

– A look inside one of the North Korean restaurants in Bangkok (there are more than 100 around the world!)

– I already have travel plans and can’t enter this one, but you should: Airbnb is giving away a stay in Dracula’s castle for Halloween!

– And if you don’t want to count on winning, I wrote about more creepy Airbnb stays here and here

The forgotten tunnel under Naples filled with vintage cars

– A superbly creepy “garden of whispers” inside a French gothic church

A gallery of Milan’s vintage storefronts

– This looks awesome: NYC’s Museum of Food and Drink is planning an exhibition on Chinese American cuisine (complete with cooking demonstrations and samples!)

What it’s like to trek through Kyrgyzstan