Weekend Wanderlust (vol 43)

– A compelling read over at Legal Nomads on the trials (and spiders!) of a 10 day silent meditation course

– A timelapse train trip through India

– Just started reading Bill Bryson’s new book, and I’m dying for a hike in the English countryside

– I know it seems like “photos smuggled out of North Korea” are everywhere these days, but I’m always fascinated, and this photographer’s captions provide insight into the experience of visiting the country

– An app that tells you what you’re looking at out of your plane window

– This pottery “treasure hunt” looks like so much fun (and is pretty reasonably priced for Japan as well)

– This would give me the opportunity to authoritatively bark “Get Sweden on the phone, now!”

– I’ve been searching for the perfect tote bag and *think* I’ve settled on this beauty from Germany. What do you use and love? I’m still debating if I’d like a top zipper à la Madewell’s bags.

The Cost of Jade

– Loving all of these fun special listings that Airbnb has been doing lately! The newest? Stay a night in Hamlet’s castle in Denmark. You have a handful of days left to enter, so start gathering your “thoughts on the topics of justice, revenge, and morality.” I think I’ll sit this one out, as I produced enough butchered iambic pentameter in college.