Weekend Wanderlust (vol 41)

– On my wishlist: Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps, with fantastic, detailed illustrations like “The Map of Literature”

– A hilarious “sexy” NYC taxi drivers calendar for the good cause (this is hands down the best photo)

– Jenna Lyons swears by this blush from a Japanese drugstore — and you can get it on Amazon (more here)

Biking around the world for mental health

– You can bid for a stay in the original A Christmas Story House over Christmas! (See our visit here)

– Julia Child’s pretty French cottage is for sale

– Japanese chocolate slices inspired by American cheese

New Yorkers on Their Lunch Breaks in the 1970s

– A very Wes Anderson adventure in India

How Tourism Shaped Photography in 19th Century Japan

– In case you missed it, my 2015 gift guides, with fun ideas for family and friends