Weekend Wanderlust (vol 39)

Sorry for the sparse posts lately, I’ve been a little under the weather–but I’ve still been saving up links for you!

– Drought reveals gorgeous 16th century church in Mexico

– The neat story of Holloway Roads

– Why haunted houses in Japan are scarier (an excerpt from this fascinating book I’ve been reading)

Cool photos of 1930s Shanghai

– Is autumn always this cold?? Dreaming of ditching Ohio for this Los Angeles treehouse airbnb

Crazy. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken by having to stay in Thailand–just, you know, outside of prison

– Documenting all the incredible station marker subway tiles of NYC

The world’s most luxurious train suites

– Interesting read: The Real Reason Chinese Tourists Love Japan’s Drugstores

This cool DIY might be the ultimate last-minute Halloween costume

– Ending this weekend, your chance to Win a Business Class Trip to London (scroll down to the bottom), and more on the Travel Sweepstakes page