Weekend Wanderlust (vol 37)

– Gorgeous autumnal forest photography

– Speaking of which, a company will mail you a perfect selection of New England fall leaves

– A pretty perfect minimalist tote bag

Abandoned trailers of the Salton Sea

Japan’s first female photojournalist is still shooting at the age of 101

– If you’ve seen As Above, So Below, and still somehow want to spend the night in the Paris Catacombs, you have until Oct 20th to tell Airbnb why you should win a trip to sleep there Halloween night!

Sad Topographies

– I’m eager to read Paul Theroux’s new book Deep South, which features some great photos by Steve McCurry

– An Instagram account full of mouth-watering Paris desserts

Ack! This is not helping to sell me on heights-based tourist attractions

– I’ve read so many great things about Fuji’s X100T camera, so you can bet I entered their giveaway for a pink version!