Weekend Wanderlust (vol 34)

– The beautiful and harsh sulfur mines of Indonesia

– Honoring the kaiten-zushi by floating giant sushi down the river in Osaka

– Remember this abandoned Detroit house filled with flowers? Now you can attend a farm-to-fork dinner at the house (with fresh, new flower installations, of course)

The Most Dangerous Foods in the World

– Looking forward to starting this intriguing book this weekend

– A great London Airbnb in a former Victorian pub

– It’s too late to visit this incredible Parisian flooded museum exhibition navigated by rowboat, but wow this is neat!

– Incredible flower covered Van Gogh themed parade floats in the Netherlands

– I’m hoping to make it back to the cider mill this year, but if not, this looks like a good autumn companion

– The world’s last weaver of “sea silk”

– Cool tree house design for cafes in Hawaii

– In case you missed it: 6 Chic, Comfy Pieces for Fall Travel


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