Weekend Wanderlust (vol 33)

Documenting India’s Crumbling Stepwells

– I always stare out the plane window and wonder what, exactly, I’m looking at. Window Seat seems like a fun education on your view, and is just $2 on Amazon right now

– Also on my list: This fascinating photo book of California skateboarding in the 1970s

– Toronto has a (surprisingly tasteful) Harry Potter themed bar


– This camera won’t let you take generic tourist photographs

– A duffel bag with a fun print

Where Ice Cream Trucks Go to Die

– Digging this beautifully evocative travel video

– A Hong Kong bar disguised as a traditional stamp shop

The Betel Nut Beauties of Taiwan

– A toilet museum is actually fairly low on the quirk-meter for Japan (and yes, I’d go!)

Win a $12,000 trip to Australia!

– In case you missed it, My visit to a quirky vintage diner, and Stickers and pins for 80s kids


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