Weekend Wanderlust (vol 23)

What are you up to this weekend? We’re not up to anything special, but I’m hoping for some hiking and meals outdoors in the beautiful weather!

– Remember this post about Leonid Tishkov’s Private Moon project? You can see an exhibition of his photographs in London, now through June 5th.

12 things you can only buy in a French grocery store (and now that I know that they exist and I can’t have them, I want them all!)

– Because of course your food should resemble the attraction you came to visit

This has me re-thinking my much less organized travel cosmetics bag

The Birdmen of Istanbul

– On my to-read list: Kate Bett’s memoir of her path to the top of French fashion journalism in the 1980s

– This Airbnb parody made me laugh

– Beautiful aerial shots of Los Angeles at night

Indulge Your 19th-Century Seafaring Dreams At This Stunning Swedish Hotel

– “Nail houses“: holdouts amidst bland corporate development


  1. I think that French piece is fibbing a bit, as you can get a few of those things in England. He’s right, Airbnb does make me wanna have a good snoop.

    • I could probably find some in gourmet groceries here as well, but I’ve never, ever seen readymade creme brulee! I wonder if it’s any good?

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