Weekend Wanderlust (vol 20)

We’re off to NYC this weekend for a much needed escape. It’s actually my first time there! When I taught English as a second language, my students were always surprised that I’d never been. It is a little funny that I’ve been to Tokyo 3 times, but haven’t made it to New York until now. You can follow along on Instagram while I’m there, and enjoy the weekend link roundup…

Modern day train hopping (also check out Molly Steele’s Instagram)

– “The Cross-Dressing Heiress Who Decamped to the Algerian Desert

Autumn in New Zealand is downright gorgeous!

– Dying to read this book: California Surfing and Climbing in the Fifties

10 Japanese tips for visiting America

– Lake Michigan is so clear right now, its sunken ships are visible from the air

How to make a great drink on a plane

– Trying not to hyperventilate over this Wes Anderson designed bar in Milan!

Korean street food meets high end cocktails (and great design)

Photos of Siberians from 150 years ago

– Enter by Sunday for a Game of Thrones themed trip to Iceland, and this chance to win an Ona bag and camera ends tonight