Weekend Wanderlust (vol 14)

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately! We just moved back to Columbus, so between getting moved in and partaking of all the great food that comes with living in an actual city again, I’ve been a bit distracted.
However, I have been saving up links for you, so here’s some wanderlusty inspiration for your weekend: 
– Exploring Iceland’s stunning crystal caves!
– An Instagram account dedicated to hot guys on the Paris Metro (and recommended reading if you’re looking for more fodder for your “move to Paris and find love” fantasies) 
– A surprisingly awesome Costa Rica beach hotel constructed of shipping containers
– An entirely cat-related exhibition of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints
– The tiny Russian village where everyone’s a tightrope walker 
– Thinking about trying my hand at this yummy Kare Udon recipe 
– Wow, these international school lunches look better than my lunch most days
– Wonderful photos of Jodhpur, India, the “Blue City”
– Who’s up for a Ghostbusters themed trip to NYC?