Vinebox Coupons and Review 2023

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Vinebox Coupon: Save $$ on Your Subscription

Looking  for Vinebox coupons? Here’s the deal: Vinebox does occasionally offer coupons and discounted prices. They’re generally just available a couple times a year, so we do recommend jumping on it if you see a promotion.

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Because we’re a Vinebox affiliate, we do get advance notice of sales and coupons. So rest assured this post is always up to date with the latest offers.

Right now, the best available deal is for a yearly subscription, which will save you $7 vs paying quarterly. With an annual subscription, you also get twice the amount of free credit to put towards full sized bottles each quarter: $30 instead of $15. That works out to be a free full size bottle of wine or two!

Finally, consider combining subscriptions with a friend (or ordering extra to share with your book club or girls night). When you double the boxes that you receive each quarter, you’ll save an additional 10%!

Read on to find out more about my experience with Vinebox…

Vinebox Review

How it works

Vinebox is a curated wine subscription that mails you new wines to try on a quarterly basis. They come in sleek vials that hold exactly one glass. It’s a nice way to sample without being stuck with the whole bottle.

If you like the wine, you can actually purchase more of those convenient vials from Vinebox, in addition to full size bottles if you’d prefer. They’re made this option even more appealing lately. Now subscribers who pay on a quarterly basis get $15 each quarter towards full size bottles, and yearly subscribers get $30 each quarter!

Vinebox does a fairly good job of tailoring wines to your preferences. Choose whites, red, or a combo of the two. They also offer some fun seasonal boxes, like the 12 Nights of Wine box for the holidays.

My Experience with Vinebox

When I first joined, it was actually because of Vinebox’s refer a friend program. The program offered a $10 discount for your friends, and $10 in credit for each friend you referred. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2018. It was an awesome deal, and I’m hopeful that they’ll bring it back in the future. But for now, we make sure to stay on top of coupon and discount offers up at the top of this post.

I’ve been a subscriber for over a year, and started way back when shipments were monthly rather than quarterly. The quarterly shipments are actually much more convenient, as it can be a pain to arrange to be home to sign for deliveries each time.

Now that they’re quarterly shipments, it’s exciting to wait for the box to arrive, and easier to make sure I’ll be there. Each box has 9 vials, and I get 2 boxes at a time. It makes for plenty to sip for the next couple months, or a little to share with others if I’m feeling generous.

Because the boyfriend doesn’t drink very often, and we rarely have guests over to our tiny apartment, the vials actually work out really well for me. They’re also super convenient for when a recipe calls for a small amount of wine. If I sample a wine and don’t like it, any extra vials of that wine are relegated to my “cooking wine” stash!

The small vials with screw tops seem to do a good job of keeping the wines fresh. I wasn’t sure if they’d keep as well as a corked bottle of wine. But even when I’ve stashed some wines in the cabinet and opened them nearly a year later, they hadn’t gone bad.

I get the red and white wine combo boxes, and I’d say that I like most of what I receive. It would be nice to be able to customize a little further, but I get why it’s difficult for them to stock that many vials, while still sticking to themes each quarter. Generally their selections, both white and red, are on the dry side. So if you’re into sweet wines, Vinebox probably isn’t for you.