Traveling to North Korea

Classe Touriste has an interesting post on travel to North Korea that is worth checking out! While I’m not sure if I’d want to go, the photos are fascinating, and I didn’t realize that traveling to North Korea is so easy — as simple as booking through a tour company in Beijing. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on traveling to North Korea. Would you go? As amazing as it would be to see and photograph the surreal, stuck-in-time country, I feel like the money spent on a tour would at least be indirectly funding the abuses perpetrated by the North Korean government.

All photos via Classe Touriste, see the rest of their amazing photos here (also worth checking out is their book Remote Places to Stay, with some seriously gorgeous photographs).  


  1. Wow, where was the last pic taken? Such a beautiful pic! I have never been out of this country (ok, Canada counts right?) but I would love to go there. They don’t use stoplights? Interesting.

    • The last photo is from the Mass Games, which are a sort of propagandized dance and gymnastics performance. Classe Touriste has a bunch more photos at the link, it looks pretty spectacular!

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