Travel Movie Halloween Costumes: Romancing the Stone

┬áIf you’re a travel lover, chances are you have at least one favorite travel movie that you can watch over and over, that isn’t safe for Sunday night viewing because you might just find yourself on a plane instead of work come Monday. This week and next, I’ll be doing a series of Halloween costume ideas based on some of my favorite travel movies.

Romancing the Stone is a favorite from my childhood! Buttoned-up romance novelist Joan Wilder travels to Columbia to save her kidnapped sister in a goofy 80s adventure involving lush jungles, a treasure map, and a very large emerald. Her jungle-worn ensemble is easy to put together from Etsy, or you can pick up many of the pieces at a thrift store.

Travel Movie Halloween Costume Ideas: Romancing the Stone |Thought & Sight

Clockwise from top right:

1. Vintage Emerald Necklace

2. Vintage Brown Blouse (not your size? more choices here)

3. Vintage Cream Skirt (not your size? more choices here)

4. Vintage Leather Pumps (not your size? more choices here)

5. Treasure Map

6. Canvas Messenger Bag

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