This hotel gives you a second chance to slack off in high school

Do you really miss high school? (I was going to title this “The hotel for people who peaked in high school”, but barely managed to restrain myself) Or just miss smoking and drinking at school? The 1915 Kennedy School in Portland offers plenty of nostalgia…along with multiple bars, a brewery, restaurant, movie theater and soaking pool.
You know, this room is a school girl costume away from turning into a Japanese love hotel…
Run in the halls, or play pool in the former boiler room turned bar.
 I think I might just hang out in the Detention Bar all day
I’m interested to know what you think of this place! While I do think it’s quirky and entertaining, I think it’s possible I don’t quite get the full appeal since I didn’t go to high school (hi! home-schooled weirdo here).


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