The Stunning, Painterly Forest Dioramas of the Fisher Museum

Set in the 3,000 acre Harvard Forest near Boston, Massachusetts, the Fisher Museum houses 23 beautifully detailed dioramas chronicling the history of the surrounding land and forest management practices. The forest has been managed by Harvard University since 1907 for education and research, and the creation of these incredible dioramas was begun in the 1930s under the directorship of Professor K.T. Fisher, for whom the museum is named.
Carefully crafted by the Guernsey and Pitman studio of nearby Cambridge, Massachusetts, each tree is constructed of intricately wrapped copper wires, with pine needles etched from thin copper sheets. The museum doesn’t say, but I’m curious to know how long all this painstaking work took to complete…
The artists’ final diorama demonstrates the stages of building from start to finish.
photo copyright Sage Sohier
Visiting? Make time to explore the forest’s public nature trails as well!