The Best Places to Travel for St Patrick’s Day

Wishing for a change of scenery or bigger and better festivities for St Patrick’s Day today? In no particular order, the places we should be booking a trip to for next year’s celebrations…

1. Chicago – One of the largest St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the country in a city with rich Irish history. Watch the huge parade and, (the real draw for me) take a cruise on the river, dyed a surreal emerald hue just for St Patrick’s Day!

2. Montserrat – Offering a less conventional St Patrick’s celebration — and far warmer temperatures than the Windy City — the Caribbean island of Montserrat is the only nation other than Ireland to make St Patrick’s Day a national holiday. The full week long festivities include a taste of local food and music. 

3. Dublin – An obvious choice, and for good reason, entertainment options during the 4 day festivities include an Irish Craft Beer & Food Market, a Treasure Hunt, and a Floating Cinema…along with the requisite opportunities to consume copious amounts of beer! 

4. New York City –  Boasting the largest St Paddy’s Day parade in the world, NYC naturally offers a plethora of other diversions, including the Black Irish Ball, Whiskey and Cheese Tastings, and the St. Patrick’s a-Go-Go Burlesque Blowout.

5. New Orleans –  A distinctly N’awlins, Mardi Gas vibe. Collect some green beads…and if you ask nicely, someone might toss you a potato or head of cabbage! 


  1. I have been celebrating St Patricks Day in New York for the past fourteen years of my life. But this year, I will probably get the chance to see the celebration in Dublin as I am visiting Ireland next week for a company project. Excited about it

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