10 Great Finds: Travel Sets

The Best Sets for Travel

The internet abounds with packing tips for your toiletries and cosmetics (this one is pretty clever). But there’s something very satisfying about tossing a compact little package into your suitcase, filled with just the right amount of all the necessities. Here’s 10 picks for indispensable travel kits:

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight1. Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack

I’m addicted to Bliss’ fresh, light scents, and their Lemon + Sage Sinkside Six-Pack set has you covered with all the basics. (p.s. their body butters are all fantastic, but the Blood Orange + White Pepper scent is amazing!)

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight2. Baxter of California Deluxe Travel Kit

Baxter of California’s Deluxe Travel Kit has everything your guy needs for travel, from shampooing to shaving, in one handsome bag. It’s a little pricey, but people rave about their fantastic shave cream, and the handy travel brush.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight3. Dermalogica Dry Skin Therapy Kit

Travel can dry out– and stress out!–your skin. Replenish that moisture with Dermalogica’s Dry Skin Therapy Kit. Dermalogica’s products are a godsend for sensitive, irritated skin, and have made a huge difference for me. For acne prone skin, try their Medibac Clearing Skin Kit.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight4. Stowaway Cosmetics

Truly travel sized cosmetics can be notoriously hard to find. Sure, a full size tube of lipstick doesn’t seem like it takes up that much space, but why bring along a year’s worth of lipstick or blush on your 2 week trip? Stowaway offers all the basics in pleasingly petite sizes.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight5. Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Set

If you can’t bear the thought of leaving your favorite perfume at home, stock up on compact rollerball sticks. I like the Atelier Cologne’s Necessaire Nomade Set because you’re sure to love at least one among the selection, and it still comes with a reasonable price tag.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight6. Fig + Yarrow Organic Facial Care Kit

Go organic with the Organic Facial Care Kit from luxe apothecary Fig + Yarrow! You can also pick up a retro Hygiene Kit for your travels.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight7. Mini First Aid Kit

If you’re heading out on a sporty /outdoors adventure/ road trip/ planning on walking while klutzy (me! me!), you need a first aid kit. The above kit has great reviews, but check out all the options, and find something that fits your needs here.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight8. Living Proof Travel Kit

I’m crazy about Living Proof’s Full Shampoo for my fine hair (inexplicably not available in a travel kit). But they do offer the Perfect Hair Day Travel Kit, as well as sets tailored to Frizz Fighting and Damage Repair.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight9. Peter Thomas Roth Mini Mask Magic Kit

Have finicky skin that needs pampering while you’re on the road? Peter Thomas Roth makes amazing masks, and this Mini Mask Kit will keep your skin glowing without cluttering your bag.

The 10 Best Travel Sets | Thought & Sight10. Travel Smart Travel Bottle Set

Already have all the elixirs and potions needed for your trip? Travel Smart’s Travel Bottle Set has an exhaustive selection of bottles and jars, all in a sealable pouch.

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