Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico | Thought & SightWe took a quick weekend trip to Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico last weekend…
 While Taos was lovely (with an unbelievably blue sky!), you’ll notice that I don’t have any photos from Santa Fe to share with you. Both are tourist destinations, yet what I saw of Santa Fe was just too commercial and sterile to be compelling (I am, however, happy to report that if you’re in the market for a goth-wild west-prostitute costume, or cheap, clunky southwestern jewelry, Santa Fe has you covered).
Taos, on the other hand, charmed me with it’s reassuringly narrow, crumbling sidewalks, and an abundance of character. In the face of so many twee, bland towns that are barely distinguishable from a large shopping mall, I find that I take sincere delight in something as silly as a poorly kept-up sidewalk. While not a large town by any means, we spent a pleasant art and food filled afternoon wandering around Taos:
Taos, New Mexico | Thought & Sight Taos, New Mexico | Thought & Sight
The small, but beautifully curated Harwood Museum.
Taos, New Mexico | Thought & Sight
 Fantastic food on the patio at La Cueva.
Taos, New Mexico | Thought & SightTaos, New Mexico | Thought & Sight
Taos Cow ice cream! I had the Sweet Cream and the Lavender, both of which were delicious.

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