Stay in an icebound ship in the Norweigan Arctic

 With all the crazy winter weather on the East coast, you might be feeling just a twinge of longing for the cozy feeling of being snowed in. I’ve got the perfect trip for you!
The Noorderlicht is a 120 foot long Dutch schooner turned hotel, frozen in the ice in Northern Norway. A full day from the nearest village, you’ll pass snowy mountains and valleys via dog sled, arriving at the retrofitted ship, which offers 10 rooms, 2 lounges, a full bar, electricity and hot water.
ship frozen in the ice with sled dogs in front
dog sledding in northern norway
 I hate winter, and this somehow looks like fun…it must be the dogs.
dog house outside of ship frozen in the ice in northern norway
noorderlicht ship frozen in the ice in northern norway
dogs outside of noorderlicht ship frozen in the ice in northern norway
interior view, breakfast in noorderlicht ship in the ice


  1. I am totally loving your website! and after going back to older posts, I’ve found we share something in common: both moved from Ohio (Cleveland for me) to Colorado (Denver)! I would love it if you could make a link for your archives, right now its a matter of hitting the older post over and over which makes it really difficult because if you lose your place (internet crashes and page closes) you have to start all over at the beginning. just a thought! thanks from Denver…

  2. Thanks Shelly! I ignored the archives widget for obvious reasons when I first started, and hadn’t thought about it since. I added an archives tab up top…it needs some design help, but it’s a start :)

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