Rad images and things spotted lately! Above, the clay lagoon, trancoso, brazil, via the voyageur.

Spotted: The Secret Possessions of Frida Kahlo | Thought & Sightthe secret possessions of frida kahlo

Spotted: Dino Tree | Thought & Sightdino tree

Spotted: Wes Anderson's Bar Luce | Thought & Sightwes anderson’s bar luce

Spotted: Banderas Crop Top | Thought & Sightbecause I’m not done with the 90s yet. banderas crop top

Spotted: Not Seeing the World | Thought & Sightnot seeing the world

Spotted: Detroit House Adorned with 4,000 Flowers | Thought & Sightabandoned detroit house gets adorned with 4,000 flowers

Spotted: The Forgotten Pyramids of Meroe | Thought & Sightthe forgotten pyramids of meroë

Spotted: This must be the place keytag | Thought & Sightthis must be the place key tag

Spotted: Botanical gardens, Copenhagen | Thought & Sightbotanical gardens, copenhagen

Spotted: Canyon fringe hammock | Thought & Sightit’s officially hammock season, and I want to stretch this beauty across my tiny apartment balcony

Spotted: 271 years before Pantone | Thought & Sight271 years before pantone

Spotted: Fat & The Moon lip paint | Thought & Sightpretty packaging

Spotted: Improbably Libraries | Thought & SightImprobable Libraries: A Visual Journey to the World’s Most Unusual Libraries

Spotted: Marrakech | Thought & Sightmarrakech


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