Sleep in a Super Villian’s Treetop Tower in Panama

At the Canopy Tower hotel in Panama, you can look out over the rainforest and plot your world domination…or do some birdwatching. Located in midst of Soberania National Park outside of Panama City, our super villain lair is actually a former radar tower installed by the US to help guard the Panama Canal. Today, it’s a hotel and observation tower for bird watchers and nature lovers.
You don’t have to be a birder to enjoy these breathtaking views! The closest thing to bird-watching that I’ve done is swing my head wildly around to find a bird someone else is pointing out (unobservant as I am, my boyfriend jokes that I’d never survive in nature). But I’m completely sold on this vacation. Maybe I can even hone my eyes. Or go back to plotting world domination (gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?…)
Rooms are located on the top levels, so you can look right out into the canopy. The interior retains much of its original industrial practicality, redone with an earthy, minimalist vibe. With nary a curtain in sight, I guess I won’t be sleeping in, but you can hardly find fault with those giant windows and forest-filtered natural light.
The lounge and library area, where you can read up on local bird species.

Pretty green Honeycreeper, captured by Arthur Morris near the tower.