Real Estate Crush | Rhine Valley Hogwarts Castle

 I’ll admit it: I’m dying to stay at the “real” Hogwarts castle (but can we talk about some rules regarding LARPing? those people scare me). Sadly, the Hogwarts of the Harry Potter movies is just a compilation of various castles, historic buildings and sets– and likely due to licensing issues, no convincing Hogwarts themed hotels have popped up. But if you were thinking about going all out and starting one, this sprawling, 23 bedroom German castle would be a really awesome slate to work with!
 A classroom, perhaps?
 The castle might actually need some de-modernizing (and where are the photos of the other 20 some bedrooms?? I need more castle porn!), but I can see these transforming into the cozy Hogwarts dorms.
 It’s almost like the starlit ceiling…