Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must-Haves

In some ways, packing for summer travel is easy. Toss in a swimsuit, minimal clothing, some sunscreen, and you’re done, right? But if you’re venturing beyond that perfect shaded spot on the beach, your packing list might need some additions. Read on for the things that keep me comfy and happy in hot weather…

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight1. Sunscreen you’ll actually use

It’s sticky, sweaty weather and no one is looking for extra shine or another breakout, so the thick, gloopy stuff isn’t going to cut it. Splurging on a good sunscreen means I don’t have an excuse to skip that step in the morning. I love MD Solar Sciences lightweight, matte Mineral Creme, and Colorescience’s Sunforgettable powder sunscreen stick makes it easy to refresh your sunscreen without ruining your makeup.

Tip: Last time I flew, I couldn’t believe how many people had to toss big tubes of lotion and sunscreen at security because they exceeded TSA’s 3.4oz liquid rule! Remember to pack larger items in your checked luggage, or stock up on travel sizes.

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight2. Linen & Silk

Lightweight and breathable linen and silk are summer staples, easy to dress up or down. Ditch a couple of your t-shirts and replace them with linen or silk shirts– they’ll be cool and comfortable even when local culture calls for covering more skin. Everlane has some great silk pieces, and check out J Crew and Uniqlo’s linen selection.

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight3. Blemish remedy

The Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick is like magic! It clears up pimples without over-drying your skin, and helps to heal insect bites too. I always keep one around for when heat or dietary lapses (for me, too much dairy seems to do it) brings on a breakout (photo via Our Wonderlust).

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight4. Birkenstocks

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times not to wear athletic shoes in Europe if you don’t want to be marked as a tourist. This isn’t always easy for me, as I need serious arch support. But when summertime rolls around, I live in my Birkenstocks. I can walk for hours in them, they have some surprisingly cute styles (my favorite is the Mayari), and for now, at least, they’re in style.

Tip: If you won’t have time to break them in beforehand, go with the “Birko-Flor” vegan straps that are soft right out the box, and just as durable as leather.

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight5. Waterproof phone case

Yes, you could leave your phone at home and have a tech-free vacation. But we both know that’s not going to happen when there are so many things to be Instagrammed (and how did I find my way around before the age of Google maps on my phone??). So do your phone a favor and protect it from those blue waters you’re headed to. The Joto case pictured above is cheap, universal, and works well, or spring for heavy-duty protection (plus extra lenses!) with the Optrix Pro.

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight6. Mini cross body bag

Hands-free, just enough room for the essentials, nothing weighing you down. I’m digging the retro appeal of Madewell’s Adelaide bag, and this nautical number is pretty sweet as well.

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight7. Herban Towelettes

Stash a couple mini towelettes in your bag to freshen up when you can’t make it back to the hotel, and for those mystery smudges and sticky spots (in my case it’s likely that I dripped ice cream on myself again). I like Herban’s fresh, natural scents, and easy to carry small packs.

Packing for Summer Travel: My 8 Must Haves | Thought & Sight8. Packable sun hat

I have a painfully pale skin, so a hat is a must for long days outside. But no matter your skin tone, you should make your dermatologist happy by donning a sun hat. A good hat will save your skin and keep you cool by deflecting the sun’s rays. I like the packable bucket hat above, and this one has a nice wide brim.

What are your must-have items for summer travels?

(top photo via Weekend Babes on Pinterest)

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