Oskar Blues Ordeal & GABF

We were lucky enough to snag tickets to the Oskar Blues Ordeal and the Great American Beer Fest in Denver! They’re not kidding when they call it an ordeal. We gathered in the cold at 8am for a bus ride to one of Oskar Blues’ locations for a coffee stout and breakfast, followed by, you guessed it, lots more beer.

After breakfast was the best part of the day, a trip to the picturesque Hops & Heifers farm. Naturally, there were tubs of beer on hand, along with hayrides, a bonfire, and their farmer available to speak about the operations. Check out the hops plants down below, first time I’ve seen hops in real life!

The last stop was a tour of the Oskar Blues Brewery…which would have been educational if I could hear much over the noise of the machinery. Still, fun to poke around, snap some photos, and watch our companions surreptitiously stuffing cans of beer in their pockets.

Aaaand, when it came time in the evening to go to the beer festival….I got incredibly sick (no, not from over-consumption). So it was back to the hotel for me and the boyfriend went to sample beer alone. Boo. Not much to report given that, but here’s one of the snaps from his phone (in black and white because the backdrops and lighting made all the photos irreparably yellow).

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