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I love the concept of new, gay-friendly apartment rental site MisterB&B, so I’m psyched to share this coupon with you!

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Want to save even more? Once you’re signed up at MisterB&B (please use my referral link if you’re not a member yet!), click on the text that says “Give $10” on the website’s top menu. When you invite your friends to join, you’ll get a $25 credit for each friend who books a stay, and $200(!) for each friend who becomes a host. The site is new and growing, so your credit could add up fast!

Read on to find out more about MisterB&B…

So by now you’ve probably heard–or even experienced– some of the Airbnb horror stories of host discrimination against minorities. It’s sad and shitty, and while I do think Airbnb is trying to prevent hosts from discriminating, one cool new option has popped up: MisterB&B, which was created because the founder had an experience with a homophobic host.

Behind every property listed on MisterB&B is a gay-friendly host! Much like Airbnb, you can book a private room in someone’s home, or rent an entire house or apartment. You’ll find the same search filters you’re used to on Airbnb, with the addition of being able to see if the property you’re looking at is in a “Gay area” of the city.

Not gay? You’re welcome to host or book stays at some pretty fabulous homes (I’ve fallen in love with a dozen in NYC alone), and you get the added benefit of knowing your host is more likely to be cool and open-minded.

What are you waiting for? It’s free to sign up, and make sure you take advantage of our MisterB&B referral discount and get $10 off your first stay. (then share with all your friends to start racking up the credit!)

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