Mandatory Flair

I’ve been enjoying the comeback of enamel pins, buttons and stickers on Etsy! I don’t remember having many pins, but I had an impressive sticker collection as a kid. Of course, my early love of organization meant that all my awesome stickers were carefully arranged in a dedicated scrapbook– since lost somewhere along the way. I wouldn’t mind putting together a new sticker collection to slap on my suitcase or laptop:

Etsy sticker picks for the 80s kid | Thought & SightCat Sticker Pack & Pizza Sticker Pack by Hello Hurra

Une femme est une femme sticker by Heartbeats Club

Zombie Stickers by Oh No Shop | Puppy Stickers by Two Black Cats Studio

Enamel pins for the 80s kid | Thought & SightLove is Dead Enamel Pin by Penelope Meatloaf | Melting Saturn Enamel Pin by Pity Party Studios

Bill Murray Enamel Pin by Amy Blue Illustration | Cat Enamel Pin by I Like Cats

Hotdog Enamel Pin by The Found

Etsy button picks for the 80s kid | Thought & SightSoftcream and strawberry girls pin set by Naoshi

The Goonies Badges by Arthur’s Plaid Pants | Cat Badge by I Like Cats

Join Your Local Girl Gang Pin by Total Pansy | Leslie Knope Button Set by Best Play Ever

 (top pins by Killer Acid)


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