Review: Hawkins New York Linen Sheets

Hawkins New York Linen Bedding Review

I wanted to write a review of my Hawkins New York linen sheets because it was surprisingly difficult to find honest reviews of some of the popular brands when I was trying to choose which sheets to purchase. I discovered a couple years ago how amazing linen sheets can be, but it’s also clear that they’re not all created equal.

I’ve been sleeping on my Hawkins New York stonewashed linen sheets for a couple months, and I can honestly say that I wish I’d gone with a different brand. Read on for all the details and some alternative suggestions:

Hawkins offers their linen sheets in a huge variety of colors, which was part of their appeal for me– though in the end, I chose the pretty natural Flax hue to better coordinate with my duvet cover.

On first impression, the Hawkins New York sheets are a nice heavy weight, but a little rough. My favorite linen sheets are from Eileen Fisher, and are also a washed linen, but those were quite a bit softer right out of the box.

I think some will like the heftier weight, and maybe I’ll appreciate them better when winter rolls around. However, even after a couple months use, and even after using some fabric softener (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to!), the sheets are only just slightly softer, but still feel like an inferior, rougher weave.I get the aesthetic appeal of rustic linen, but good linen can be deliciously smooth, and feels so much nicer to sleep in. Perhaps these will start to soften with more use, but I’d definitely purchase another brand if I had it to do over again.

Hawkins New York Alternatives

Knowing what I do know, what would I purchase instead of Hawkins’ sheets?

As I mentioned above, I adore my Eileen Fisher washed linen sheets, they’re sooo soft and have held up really well over the several years I’ve owned them. They’re a nice lighter weight–but not cheap feeling– linen that’s perfect for summer, or layering in winter. I really don’t think you can go wrong with this brand!

I also have a Morrow Soft Goods linen duvet that’s pretty wonderful. I actually considered getting Morrow sheets instead of Hawkins, and now I wish I hadn’t been quite so adventurous, haha! At any rate, my Morrow Soft Goods duvet is soft and smooth, and a nice medium weight linen, so I’m curious to try an entire sheet set. Next time I purchase linen bedding, it will probably be Morrow.

On a side note, if you’re considering Crate and Barrel’s linen sheets, I can say that they’re okay, but not the nicest I’ve used. They are, however, a little cheaper, so they’re a fair value for the price.

So what do all of these recommendations have in common? I’ve noticed that the linen sheets that are the softest and smoothest are pretty consistently French linen, rather than Belgian (or whatever else they use in the really cheap linen sheets).

Not saying you won’t find nice Belgian linen sheets, but it’s something I’ve started to use as a helpful guideline when shopping. 

I haven’t had enough time to fully evaluate them, but my boyfriend picked up some sheets made with French linen on Amazon that feel pretty nice.

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