$25 Fly With Wine Coupon Code 2020

Fly With Wine Coupon Code

Exclusive Fly With Wine/ VinGardeValise Discount – $25 Off

Fly With Wine’s VinGardeValise protective wine suitcase is such a cool concept for wine and travel lovers, so I’m excited to share this FlyWithWine coupon with you!

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Fly With Wine Suitcase Coupon Code

Fly With Wine makes durable hardshell suitcases, called the VinGardeValise, that are designed to protect wine bottles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been tempted to purchase multiple bottles when traveling, but I hold off because I’m paranoid I’ll end up with wine soaked luggage.

Well, the days of wrapping your prized wine purchases in every piece of clothing in your suitcase are over! Fly With Wine makes 8 and 12 bottle size cases that can be safely checked, and have all the protection needed to ensure your wine arrives safely (including TSA locks). Depending on how much wine you plan on buying, you can use half the case for clothing, or (my preference!) devote the entire bag to your wine purchases. The specially designed foam inserts are remarkably thoughtful, with space for extra long bottle necks, and special Burgundy and Bordeaux shaped cavities, along with foams cubes to serve as fillers. The cases are very lightweight, so even when fully loaded with wine, your case should still be under 50 pounds.

If you’re ready to give them a try, make sure you take advantage of our Fly With Wine coupon and get $25 off your order. 

What’s the best coupon available for Fly With Wine / VinGardeValise?

Fly With Wine does occasionally offer seasonal sales and coupons, so if you’re not in a hurry to purchase, it doesn’t hurt to wait and see what pops up. However, we’re featuring this $25 offer because it’s the best regularly available discount on VinGardeValise suitcases.

How do I find out about Fly With Wine special coupons and giveaways?

Fly With Wine is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and frequently shares special deals and news on those platforms. You can also sign up for their newsletter–just scroll to the bottom of the Fly With Wine website to see the newsletter sign up form.