(faux) Souvenir T-shirts

Does anyone buy non-ironic souvenir t-shirts anymore? While I’m less inclined than I was at 12 to proudly sport the name of my latest destination, there’s something really wonderful about that worn out vacation tee from summers past. Here’s my favorite picks for faking it. Above, Anthropologie’s Bonjour Tee with some pretty fantastic deco inspired graphic design (the white version is great, too!)


Tulume Tee. It makes no sense, but it IS pretty, and I’m a sucker for palm trees.

Ohio Burnout Tee. Because, while I complain too much about my home state, it’s not all bad, and this tee looks really comfy!

Vintage Casabello Wines Tee. The really great vintage tees are getting harder and harder to come by but this is the real thing, and cheap too at only $14!

Love this charming illustration on the perfectly distressed Park View tee from artist-owned Brooklyn Industries. 

This I just love and can’t explain why. Must be the corn…

And finally, (currently sitting in my shopping cart) Modcloth’s Haute Pursuit tank with spot-on 80s graphics.