Everyday Life in North Korea

As is probably obvious by now, there’s something incredibly fascinating to me about the often surreal, closed-off lives of the citizens of North Korea. So no surprise that I’m captivated by @everydaydprk, an Instagram account that pulls from multiple photographers and aims to capture everyday life in the strange nation…at least insofar as that is possible and permissible. Naturally, what is captured is largely the lives of the elite. If you’re interested in peeking past the facade, Dear Leader by Jang Jin-sung, and Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick are both gripping reads. 

family photos propped up against rustic wall in north korea
north korean department store with strangely dated 1980s merchandise
making kimchi in large stone post by the sea in north korea
north korean woman's red skirt billowing in the breeze on an overlook
tranquil snow covered mountains and lake in north korea
north korean airport food vending table with snacks and canned soda laid out
north korean shop window with bland, beige, dress suits
north korean students learning english in a bare bones classroom


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