DeskView Review & Alternatives: Does Deskview Live Up to the Hype?

DeskView Review

I spend so much of my day on my laptop that last year I sprung for a big, fancy standing desk in an effort to reduce the time I spend sitting. Other than the amount of space it takes up in my small apartment (oh yeah, and the giant price tag), my standing desk is great. But after spending some time with DeskView’s portable, window mounted standing desk, I’m reconsidering the necessity of a traditional desk–and wanted to write this DeskView review for others considering opting out.

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How DeskView works

DeskView’s window mounted standing desk is pretty simple: a bamboo wood or plastic desk surface attached to two heavy duty suction cups.

To mount the desk, position it on a clean window, pull the suction cup levers down to create a seal, and voila, you’ve got a surprisingly sturdy floating desk at any height you desire.

I tried the desk out on multiple windows and glass doors, both at home and on a trip, and had no problems setting it up. The suction cup levers take a bit of force to push down, but it’s more a “your toddler can’t set up your desk for you” level of strength required.

When you’re ready to remove the desk, pull the levers back up, and you may need to run your fingers around the edges of the suction cups to break the seal.

Is DeskView Worth it?


Coming in at around $235, DeskView’s standing desk isn’t cheap. But it’s a bargain compared to traditional standing desks, particularly the adjustable height variety.

The DeskView feels well made, with some heft to show for it. My bamboo model weighs 6 pounds. Despite the quality construction, I admit that when I first received the desk I was skeptical about the suction cups holding up the desk’s own weight, much less my fragile laptop.

Yet once the desk is mounted, it feels incredibly solid. In fact, the first thing I did after receiving the desk was mount it to my glass patio door, pile on some books, and leave it there for a couple days. It didn’t so much as slip from the spot I mounted it.

While I’m cautious and probably wouldn’t use the desk as a spot to store my laptop overnight, I feel very comfortable walking away to make lunch, etc with my laptop perched on top.

It is however, frustratingly easy to accidentally mount the desk just shy of level, and DeskView includes a small separate bubble level to help with this. I think I’ve lost it already. It’s not a major issue, but I do wish they’d built in a level.


It’s worth asking yourself how you plan to use your DeskView. If you’re hoping to travel with it, there are certainly better laptop stand options, though admittedly few that allow for such a wide range of heights.

I did bring my DeskView standing desk along on a road trip to a lake house, which worked out okay, mainly because I’m a chronic over-packer, and was already going to bring a large suitcase. But it’s worth considering that at 25″ wide, you will not be fitting this desk in a carry-on bag.

The DeskView is quite a bit more practical for use at home or at the office. Any window with standing room in front of it can be your office for the day, and the desk is easy to stow away when it’s not in use.

I think this versatility is one of the big selling points of the DeskView. If you’re petite (5’2″ here!) or tall, the height range of some standing desks may not work well for you, but the DeskView can be set at literally any height you choose.

The laptop you see in my photos is 15.6″, which fit quite comfortably on the desk with plenty of room for a mouse, and even my external hard drive when needed. You won’t have room to litter your DeskView with too many accessories, but it should comfortably accommodate most laptops.

The Verdict

Is DeskView worth it? I think so! If you can’t justify the cost or space requirements of a traditional standing desk, it’s a solid alternative.

Had I heard about DeskView when I was originally shopping for a standing desk, I probably would have saved some cash and given it a try first. Whereas my large standing desk has become yet another place to accumulate clutter, my DeskView  provides only what I need from a standing desk and keeps things nice and minimalist.

Deskview Alternatives

There’s a wide range of alternatives to Deskview, it just depends on what you’re looking for. For more portable laptop stands, I’d recommend checking out this article I wrote on Choosy Traveler.

When it comes to choosing an alternative, it’s a really a question of what you’re looking for. The Roost laptop stand is a fantastic option because it’s so compact and lightweight, but it needs a traditional desk (or similar surface) to set on. If you’re in love with the idea of a suction cup laptop desk, Deskview really is the gold standard.