The Cutest Teddy Bear Coats for Winter 2023 – Picks for Every Price Point

Best Teddy Bear Coats

I love when trends and cozy comfort meet, so it’s difficult for me to limit myself to just one teddy bear coat. (I mean, I need a teddy coat with a hood too, right?) While I’m obsessing over my next acquisition, here’s my picks for the best teddy bear coats to snag this winter. I’ve included chic options for all price points, as well plus size picks (scroll down!) for all budgets:

Budget Teddy Coats Under $100

Teddy Coats Under $500

The Best Luxury Teddy Coats

Plus Size Teddy Coats

Teddy coats available in sizes 1x to 5x

Choosing the best Teddy Bear Coat

I’ve tried to include a pretty wide range of of teddy coats in this list so there’s something for everyone. But if you want to jump on the trend and aren’t sure what type of coat to purchase, here’s some things to consider:

What’s the weather like where you live? A longer coat, or one with a hood will keep you warmer. Teddy vests and cropped coats are cute, but probably not what you want for a harsh winter.

How will you style it? Long teddy bear coats will tend to be a little more versatile as they can be styled with dresses as well as jeans. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a petite teddy bear coat, a shorter or cropped version might fit better. Similarly, the oversized coats look amazing on models, but can overwhelm a small frame.

That long Max Mara teddy coat is my dream coat, but money aside, I’m 5’2″ and don’t think I could pull it off. On the other hand, something closer to Zara’s version of the teddy coat would probably work better as it’s a more flattering length for me. Not to mention it’s way easier on the budget.

Where are Teddy Coats?

Teddy bear coats are a sort of marriage of your favorite fleece coat with a faux fur coat, all done with a more fashiony twist. They’re usually a low pile fleece or faux fur material, so they’re vegan friendly. And true to the name, the coats are often the warm brown hue of your childhood teddy bear.
You’ll find teddy coats and jackets in quite a few different styles and influences; everything from 50s vintage styling to flowy boho versions. It’s really up to you and what your style is. I think some of the most prototypical designs are those that are vintage influenced. The teddy coats that are clearly pulling from 50s, 60s and 70s design will probably be more wearable in the following years.

Are teddy coats still in style in 2023?

Designers and customers have responded with a resounding yes to this question! Teddy coats are very much still in style for the 2023 winter season– everyone from Max Mara to Ann Taylor has a version available. And to be honest, I’m not about to give up my warm, cozy teddy coat.

Are teddy coats warm enough for winter?

It depends on the coat you choose, but absolutely! The average teddy coat is made of a medium to heavy weight faux fur, which is soft, cozy, and perfect for winter. Exercise a little caution when shopping for budget teddy coats, as they are sometimes made of thinner material.

Can you wash teddy coats?

If your coat has a care tag, refer to it first. However, generally speaking, you’re best off gently spot cleaning or dry cleaning your teddy coat. In particular, coats with a fuzzy, looped surface will not wash well, and anything beyond the most lightweight coat will be difficult to dry completely.

Can you wear teddy coats in the rain?

How well your coat holds up to the rain depends on the exact materials. Teddy coats are generally made of a synthetic, faux fur fabric, so the material will repel small amounts of water. Going out in drizzle is fine, just avoid soaking your coat, and be sure to let it dry completely after wearing.