Cornfields and Country Wine

 It’s no secret that most of the time I’d rather be in not-Ohio. But I’ve been trying hard to seek out and appreciate the good things around here. And what better time than the summer, when pretty much everything is more wonderful? (ask me again in the dead of winter, and I’ll be much less charitable towards my home state).
On this quest for things to love, we drove one afternoon to a little Ohio town with a population of 184 and a smattering of brick buildings lining the main street, remnants of a downtown that once was. Our destination was one of the few still occupied; the Hillside Winery.
A surprisingly drinkable dry Riesling and this tranquil setting next to the river? Alright, Ohio, I’ll give you this one. I mean, I’m still leaving you eventually, but we can hang out today.
This historic truss bridge is now closed to traffic…I’m dying to drape it with string lights and drink my wine up there one night.
Trying to escape the potent sun, and using two tables as I inched away from its progress.
Multiple glasses of wine later (but don’t worry, none for the driver), we went for an evening cornfield tour. I often get the impression that people think Ohio is all cows and cornfields. It’s not, but that stereotypical corn can be awfully pretty sometimes…