$270 Casper Coupon Code – Save on Your 2019 Casper Mattress Purchase!

Casper Coupon Code - Save $270 on Your Casper Mattress Purchase!

Exclusive Casper Discount – $270 Off

We love our Casper mattress, so I’m excited to share this coupon with you!

Click through our exclusive discount link to get 10% off your purchase of any mattress — that’s up to $270 off, depending on the mattress you choose!

Read on to find out what we thought of our Casper mattress…

Casper Coupon Code - Save $270 on Your Casper Mattress Purchase!

The mattress is thicker than you’d think once it expands, and it’s a medium firmness, which is great for us. Super soft mattresses just make my back hurt!

Because it’s a foam mattress, you’ll sink in a little bit, depending on your weight. I love this about our Casper mattress, it feels very contouring and supportive–and cozy! But even with all those layers of foam, we found that it stays pretty cool, even for warm sleepers (our super breathable linen sheets help too!).

Another nice thing about the foam in our Casper mattress is that it doesn’t transfer motion the way many conventional mattresses do. If I’m tossing and turning, it doesn’t wake up my boyfriend (and vice versa).

With a larger apartment, we’d probably end up sleeping separately, but the Casper definitely helps keep the peace! I was about to joke that if they could just do something about his snoring…but it turns out Casper does sell an adjustable base that allows for elevation of your head. It’s a little pricey at $1,000+, but probably worth it for the convenience of remote controlled elevation. Anyways, it’s something I’m thinking about for the future. Will update this post if I take the plunge and purchase the adjustable base, but we’re very happy with our Casper mattress overall so far.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, make sure you take advantage of our Casper Mattress discount and get 10% off your order. 

How to Save Even More on Casper Mattresses

Not sure this is the best deal? Foam mattresses are a competitive market, so it pays to shop around.

If you’ve got your heart set on a Casper, here’s some things to check out before making your purchase:

First, double check the Casper website to see if they’re running any specials. They change often, and you may find that clearing your cookies and cache will help as well.

Did you know that Amazon also sells some Casper mattresses, as well as other foam mattress brands? In my experience, they’re not always cheaper, but if you prefer to shop at Amazon/ use Amazon’s rewards credit card, this may score the best deal for you.

Finally, it never hurts to just ask for a discount. Like I said, Casper has a ton of competition, so they may be inclined to offer a larger unpublished discount to get your business. Try shooting customer service an email saying that you’re choosing between them and X competitor, and ask if they can match their competitors discounted price, or just if they’re willing to offer you a great deal to sway you.

Almost all of the major internet mattress companies have refer a friend programs. They offer a discount to friends, and a reward to the referrer. So they’re willing to spend another $50+ as a referral reward on top of the “normal” discount. Why can’t you cut out the middleman and ask for both? That money that would have gone to the referrer (or an affiliate) could theoretically be stacked on top of your discount. I can’t guarantee they’ll go for it, but something to think about….