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I sprung for Brooklinen’s “Luxe” sheets, and I’m so glad I did! They’re insanely soft and smooth, and a nice mid-weight that will transition nicely from summer to winter.

They’ve held up well to use and weekly washings, staying just as smooth and soft–which is awesome because I prefer not to use fabric softener.

Brooklinen’s Luxe sheets are a sateen weave, which is what makes them extra smooth, and resistant to wrinkling, so they look great even after sleeping on them, or if you don’t pull them out of the dryer right away.

Like most high end sheets, you can piece together a set to mix and match if you’d like, so you don’t have to choose just one pattern. I love my smoke dot print sheets, however it would be nice to see some different colors and patterns. Maybe it’s just me? Brooklinen definitely has you covered for the basics, I’d just love to see some more feminine options too.

They also just launched new Twill sheets, which look like an awesome, cozy pick for winter. I’m so curious to try them, and will definitely update with my thoughts when I do!

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