The Best Hanging Toiletry & Cosmetic Bags for Travel 2019

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

The Best Hanging Travel Toiletry Bags 2019

I love my hanging toiletry bag. It keeps my plethora of toiletries organized when I travel, and is a lifesaver in bathrooms with no counter space. But it was surprisingly difficult to find a great one amidst all the cheap junk on Amazon. There are, however, a handful of well made, well designed hanging toiletry bags out there, so I put together a round up of the best hanging toiletry bags for you.

Best Hanging Travel Toiletry Bags Quick Comparison Chart

Hanging Toiletry KitCapacityPrice Range 

Victorinox Muse Hanging Toiletry Bag

Eagle Creek Pack-it Wallaby Hanging Toiletry Organizer

Flight001 Spacepak

Travelon Trifold Toiletry Kit

Ropin West Hanging Vanity Case

Travelon Total Hanging Toiletry Kit
The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

The Victorinox Muse is the hanging toiletry bag I use, and I think there’s a lot to recommend it. I love how the Muse keeps a ton of stuff organized while still folding into a modest sized bag. Is this the best hanging toiletry bag? It’s a little pricey, but I can’t imagine using anything else.

If you’ve tried some of the cheaper bags, you’ll appreciate all of the organization here. Rather than one large main compartment that allows items to tip over and get jumbled up, this bag has four slimmer zipper compartments that hold items in place, but still allow for packing some larger items like a full size sunscreen bottle (or my oversize but wonderful electric toothbrush!). The thick vinyl lining prevent minor leaks from escaping, and is easy to clean.

I do really love this bag, but I have one complaint: the large pouch second from the top zips around in a U shape that allows for items to tip out if you’re not careful. I’d love to see side flaps incorporated in the pouch to prevent this.

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

Eagle Creek’s Wallaby hanging travel toiletry bag boasts Eagle Creek’s quality at a really reasonable price. There’s good organization in this lightweight bag, and it’s thoughtfully designed. That bag hanging from the bottom is a removable TSA approved quart size bag for liquids, and there’s even a small shatterproof mirror built into the bag!

A couple caveats: much like the Muse, this bag is a little larger than you might think at first glance. Be sure to double check the dimensions, as carry-on only travelers may find it eats up too much luggage space. It’s also worth noting that only the bottom compartment is water resistant, so leak-prone toiletries should be zip-locked if stored in other compartments.

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

Flight001’s Spacepak offers a cheery take on the hanging toiletry bag with fun prints and colors. It’s a lightweight bag, but with quality construction, including a solid metal hanging hook and zippered mesh compartments that allow you to easily see what’s in each pouch. There’s an included matching flat zipper pouch that can be packed in the bag or carried separately.

I love the style and design of this bag, and do think it might be one of the best hanging toiletry bags style-wise. But I wish more attention were paid to leak containment. As with some other bags on this list, just be aware that you might want to use baggies to contain any possible leaks (though if you travel with a carry-on, you probably already have a supply of quart size ziploc bags to keep TSA happy).

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

Travelon’s slim Boho Trifold hanging toiletry bag is a nice choice for lighter packers, and comes in a variety of pretty prints (there’s more options here). The clear plastic compartments make it easy to see what you’ve packed and prevent leaks from escaping, and the kit folds up into a slim, easy to pack shape. The hanging mechanism is actually a loop of fabric that connects to the bag with a plastic hook, so you can hang the bag almost anywhere.

The Boho Trifold is surprisingly wide at 21.5 inches, but the slim profile makes it one of the best hanging toiletry bags for lighter packers.

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

I love the cool tooled leather and vintage appeal of Ropin West’s hanging toiletry bag! This is a seriously unique bag, and available in a bunch of colors to boot. The solid construction of the bag means that it generally hangs well even though it’s bottom heavy. The mirror is large enough that it can be used to apply makeup in a pinch, and there are enough small zippered compartments to keep little items like lip balm from getting lost.

However, this is a toiletry bag that might require an additional pouch for organization, and the main compartment is fairly large and open. This hanging travel toiletry bag is best if you’re checking your suitcase, or taking a roadtrip.

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

A larger size gem from Travelon, their Total Toiletry Kit offers organization galore! This is the best hanging toiletry bag for you if you have a lot smaller items to organize. It would be fantastic for keeping things like makeup brushes separate and clean.

Packed full, this is a substantial size hanging toiletry bag, one that’s best for those bringing larger checked bags. True to its name, the Total Toiletry kit has pretty much everything; water resistant compartments, removable pouches, space to hold full size bottles and to organize small items. I don’t love that the hanging hook is plastic, but that fact that it swivels is sure to come in handy, a feature that other brands often overlook.

This could be the best hanging travel toiletry bag for you if you’re a heavy packer, or packing for your family.

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