Away Luggage x Gray Malin


Away’s Collab with Gray Malin

Away Luggage’s limited editionĀ collab with Gray Malin is out this morning, and it’s predictably great! With beachy colorways, and linings printed with his playful shot from above photographs of people at play on the beach and slopes, I’m sure they’ll sell out in a flash.

I’ve gotten conflicting reports as to whether it’s still working (let me know in the comments!), but you should be able to get $20 off your Away luggage purchase if you shop through my referral link.

I previously compared Away and Raden smart luggage, and (spoiler), actually liked both of my cases quite a bit. My Away bag grew on me so much (it’s so crazy lightweight!) that I ended up springing for a pretty Cactus Blue Carry On from the Rashida Jones collection, on the rationale that my boyfriend could then use my Navy Away Carry On. I was so tempted to get a Clay Pink from the same collection, and now that they’re back with a similar colorway in the Coral, the struggle returns! Maybe a medium or large sized bag? The Gray Malin collab is available in all their suitcase sizes.

Shop the Away x Gray Malin limited edition collection here




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