Away Luggage Alternatives: Bags Like Away Suitcases for Every Budget

Bags Like Away Luggage – Updated for 2022

UPDATE: There’s now even more reason to seek out an alternative to Away. The Verge recently broke the news of Away’s toxic work culture and bullying of employees by co-founder Steph Korey. If you’re one of the many Away devotees returning or cancelling your order, or simply motivated to look elsewhere, you might be wondering what to buy instead of Away. There’s actually a ton of options out there!

Away luggage has developed a cult following thanks to their modern design and wide range of colors. It seems like you can’t open up Instagram nowadays without seeing a travel Instagrammer featuring one of their cases, and they’re all over airports every time we travel. With such high saturation, it’s no surprise people are looking for an alternative to Away. Fortunately, there’s plenty of bags similar to Away out there if you’re looking for something a little different or more budget friendly:

Arlo Skye

Away lookalike Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye is one of the original Away luggage competitors, with very similar cases that include removable batteries. Plus, the brand has an impressive pedigree: it was founded by alums of Tumi and Louis Vuitton, and it shows in the sleek design.

They started out selling only carry-on cases but now offer several checked bags in aluminum and polycarbonate. The color range is a tad more limited than Away, but the hues are on-trend, and they seem to be embracing a wider color palette as of late. And honestly, the cases are gorgeous.

Roam Luggage

Customizable Roam Luggage

Newcomer Roam Luggage takes Away’s strong lines, and colorful limited edition concept and runs with it. At Roam, you can completely customize the colors of your suitcase, right down to the hue of the zipper pulls! Whether you’d prefer a rainbow or a monotone, it’s all possible. The option for different colors on the front and back of the shell also reminds me of *someone’s* limited edition two-tone cases.

Roam cases are super lightweight, coming in slightly under Away’s carry-on weights, and made with the same strong polycarbonate material.

Prices are higher on average, but you’re getting a completely custom suitcase with a lifetime warranty that covers all non-cosmetic damage–even if it’s from careless baggage handlers.

Horizn Luggage

Horizn luggage similar to Away

Horizn luggage, based in the UK (but available through Matches Fashion and Mr Porter), has jumped on the trend Away started. With similar design and features, they’re a great alternative– and we’re inclined to call it an elevated interpretation of the design.

Their cases feature a removable built-in battery, spinner wheels, TSA locks, with luxe leather detailing.

Much like Away luggage, Horizn has an eye for great color palettes combined with sleek modern design. They even offer a case with a zippered exterior laptop access pouch that’s nearly identical to Away’s model.

Horizn bags are priced in the same range as Away, so they’re not necessarily a budget choice. However, they’re still a chic, compelling alternative, and one that won’t blend in with the masses of Away cases rolling through airports nowadays.

Traveler’s Club

traveler's club luggage

A more affordable option that’s similar in design, Traveler’s Club makes cases with similar horizontal lines for less than $50.

The cases features spinner wheels, lightweight construction, and a fold out device that includes USB port that you can use with your own power pack, as well as a cup and phone holder. We love this versatility in a smart suitcase, and you can’t beat the price!

Rockland Melbourne

rockland cheap luggage

If you’re looking for something cheaper, Rockland’s Melbourne cases might be just the thing for you. They are similar in style, and they come in some surprisingly cool color combos for the price point (the case pictured here reminds us of one of Away’s limited editions).

Rockland cases feature spinner wheels, lightweight construction, and tons of color options–but no power bank.


Triforce Away lookalike luggage

At first glance, you could be forgiven for mistaking Triforce’s Milan case for an Away bag. And clocking in at almost $100 under Away’s prices, this case is a fantastic substitute.

The design is incredibly similar, and the features are impressive.

The Milan includes premium Hinamoto spinner wheels, TSA locks, lightweight polycarbonate and leather accents, and nice interior organization.

Away Luggage Alternatives Comparison Chart

Away LookalikeHas a Battery? TSA Locks?Price Range
Arlo SkyeYesYes$$

Roam Luggage

Horizn Luggage

Traveler's Club
No, but port includedNo$




Is Away luggage worth the hype?

Away luggage is nice enough luggage, and the special edition colors are definitely fun. However, we do feel that Away is a little over-hyped. It’s just a polycarbonite suitcase with a whole lot of branding and advertising (and social media “influencers”!) behind it. There’s so many Away alternatives available now that it pays to take a hard look at the features you really want in a bag.

What makes Away luggage special?

Away luggage has been so aggressive with online and social media advertising that they can certainly feel special, but what sets them apart from other luggage brands? Honestly, not much.

They stood out as one of the first brands to offer built-in batteries, but the usefulness of the batteries is questionable at times, and you do need to be careful not to accidentally check a bag with a battery in it.

Their polycarbonite plastic suitcases are identical to much cheaper cases that have existed for years, just with more distinctive branding.

Additionally, with so many people buying Away luggage nowadays, it hardly feels special to have the same case as everyone else.

The one area where I do think Away distinguishes themselves is their lifetime warranty. If your suitcase is broken, they’ll replace it, something that’s cheap for them to do because that plastic case really doesn’t cost them much. But it’s a policy many other luggage brands would do well to emulate.

Can you take Away luggage on a plane?

Yes, Away luggage can be carried on a plane. The TSA requires that any lithium batteries be carried on with you, rather than checked. In some instances, you may be asked to remove the battery from your Away– or other smart bag– during security, or prior to boarding, but the batteries are allowed on board.

Can Away luggage be checked?

Yes, Away bags, and any other bag with a removable battery can be checked. The TSA requires that you remove the battery before checking the bag, so it’s important to buy a bag with a removable battery.

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