Agent Nateur Shiva Rose Deodorant Review

Review: Agent Nateur Shiva Rose Deodorant

Fig and Flower was nice enough recently to let me choose some goodies from their big selection of natural beauty! After a couple weeks of trying them out, I wanted to share a review of my favorite, Agent Nateur’s Shiva Rose Deodorant.

The Shiva Rose scent includes rose and sandalwood, so I was initially worried it would come off as too hippie-ish, but that’s not the case! The divine rose aroma is by far the dominant scent, with just hints of sandalwood.

If you haven’t used a natural deodorant before, the texture is a little different. It has a little more texture than my go-to Dove deodorant, and is oil based (the first ingredient is coconut oil). So it feels a little different, but I didn’t feel like my armpits were sticky, and it didn’t rub off on my clothing. I’ve done my fair share of shopping around for natural deodorants, and a common complaint for this type seems to be staining of clothing. I wore it with a number of tops, including my fave Anthro silk blouse, and had no issues, phew!

Also worth noting: I have incredibly sensitive skin, and have to be careful about strong scents. Agent Nateur’s Shiva Rose didn’t irritate my skin, OR bring on any headaches with the subtle scent, so I gotta say I’m pretty happy with it! And of course it does what it’s supposed to. This is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, so I do still sweat a little, but I smell great at the end of the day.

You do get a small-ish container of Shiva Rose for the price, but a small amount goes a long way, and I like how easy it is to carry in a purse or cosmetic bag (it fit easily in my already crammed camera bag to snap some photos at the conservatory). Because my skin is so sensitive, I don’t count on using hotel shampoos and soaps, so I pack a lot and my cosmetic bag ends up being huge! Every little bit counts in saving space, and this is a nice size for travel.

If you’re not sure about the rose scent, there’s a couple other Agent Nateur scents available at Fig & Flower., and you can pick up Agent Nateur products at Amazon as well. Fig and Flower also have a nice curated selection of other natural products; everything from skin care to candles. So far Intelligent Nutrients is the only shampoo I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my scalp long term (seriously, I’m going to need to live in a bubble within 10 years!), but I’m curious to try some of the natural shampoos Fig and Flower stocks.

What’s your holy grail product for super-sensitive skin? I’d love to hear!